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Viton®/FKM O-rings 90

Viton®/FKM O-rings 90 Durometer are heat resistant up to 400*F and higher temperatures with shorter life. Cold flexibility down to -15*F

Typically used in applications with mineral oil and grease, non-flammable hydraulic fuels, Silicone oil and grease, mineral and vegetable oil and grease, fuel, butane, propane, natural gas, benzene, toluene, trichlorethylene and carbon tetrachloride, fuels with methanol contents and  high vacuum.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH....glycol based brake fluids, ammonia gas, amines, alkalis, supertheated steam or organic acids

Viton 90 Durometer is prefered over 75 Durometer when the application has pressure ratings of 3000 psi or higher 

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